In Conversation with Jenn Adams…

June 12, 2019


You have extensive experience leading and driving growth at public and private healthcare companies. How do you plan on leveraging those experiences, now being on the venture side of the table?

My background has included leading teams that are driving growth for companies large and small, public and private, and who serve different sectors in healthcare. The one thing that has been a consistent difference maker is the impact that a high performing team can have in unleashing value. I have been fortunate to experience the value that flows from a group of people with complementary strengths coming together to tackle complicated challenges.

As I shift my attention to the investor perspective, I’m eager to focus on identifying companies that help providers improve care for their patients. There is tremendous opportunity for innovative companies that help providers navigate the rapidly changing healthcare environment. I’m passionate about the prospect of applying my experience in building and scaling companies to the benefit of such innovators.

What attracted you to the opportunity to work with Oak HC/FT?

I have a long history with the team at Oak HC/FT. We worked together in the early stages of building not only a business, but a market for compounded sterile preparations over a decade ago. I was impressed with the team through firsthand experience and with the reputation that Oak HC/FT has built with the broader community of entrepreneurs, investors and executives. Aside from the demonstrated track record, the people at Oak HC/FT are smart, energetic and grounded.

What are you most excited to do in your role as an Executive in Residence (EIR) at Oak HC/FT?

After spending nearly three decades at established healthcare companies, I’m looking forward to engaging in the earlier stage of evaluating the potential for different companies to succeed in such a dynamic market. The chance to partner with great teams to develop a plan to accelerate growth is beyond exciting for me. At my core, working with a motivated team of people to deliver differentiated solutions for better patient care is the very reason that I have devoted my career to serving in healthcare.

What are some of the initiatives you will be focusing on at Oak HC/FT?

We have identified some areas that we’re going to explore initially, including pharma services, and we remain flexible to explore opportunities within broad healthcare segments. I share alignment with the Oak HC/FT team around the value of partnering with companies that are providing value through patient centric solutions. The patient experience is an important driver for an improved healthcare system, and solutions that enable a better experience are interesting to me and to the team at Oak HC/FT.

What are the biggest upcoming trends in digital health?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to materially benefit care through the analysis of patient information that’s been collected through various electronic record systems. Data integration continues to be an issue across the healthcare continuum, so there is a lot of focus on the development of platforms that structure data. Essentially, big data needs to be translated into small data that can be used to inform better clinical decisions.

As patients are becoming consumers of healthcare, management of the patient experience through portals, apps and remote patient monitoring also continues to be an area of focus.

Although there is a lot of activity around these initiatives, there is still a long way to go to implement digital solutions that will ultimately improve outcomes, and it will be exciting to see how these trends influence innovation.