Unite Us, Please.


Social Determinants of Health (“SDoH”) – the idea that social services needs and healthcare utilization are directly correlated – has rapidly emerged as a buzzword for government agencies, payers, providers, and employers.  But what is needed to evolve SDoH from a conceptual topic to an actual and integral part of the care continuum?

Unite Us is tackling this exact question by connecting various stakeholders into a coordinated network that can collaborate around a patient and address their specific needs.  This is no easy feat, considering the broad stakeholder universe and each group’s distinct role:

Enter Unite Us.  Given this diverse stakeholder universe, the company integrates with existing systems of record (i.e. EHR, CRM, etc.) to create a master patient index with cross-stakeholder views of patient needs and utilization of social services.  The platform then facilitates cross-stakeholder e-referrals, patient needs assessments, bi-directional messaging and outcomes tracking – thus creating an activated network of stakeholders with clear accountability at each node and a patient-centric view of network utilization.

Founded in 2014 by Veterans Dan Brillman and Taylor Justice, Unite Us started as a solution to address unmet social services needs for veterans and quickly grew to become the largest social services network operator across more than 20 states.  Unite Us was most recently selected as the state-wide platform for North Carolina and expects to continue its growth momentum in the years to come to make social services and healthcare an integrated care delivery model.

Oak HC/FT is excited to support Unite Us and joined by Town Hall Ventures, Define Ventures, and other strategic investors to further the company’s mission of improving care access for the most vulnerable patient populations.