Emilio Health Raises $5 Million to Redefine Behavioral Health for Children and Their Families

January 18, 2022


Emilio Health, the first technology-enabled behavioral health home for children and their families, today announced a $5 million seed funding round from Oak HC/FT. Annie Lamont, co-founder and managing partner at Oak HC/FT, will join the company’s board of directors. The funding will be used to launch the first Emilio Health clinics and digital platform and continue to build the company’s leadership team.

Emilio Health was co-founded by Naomi Allen and Giovanni Colella, MD to make the process of getting care easier for the 17 million children in the United States that suffer from behavioral health issues. The company provides high-quality care through a multidisciplinary team, clinically validated treatment plans, and a seamless digital platform.

“Behavioral health issues in children are prevalent and devastating, and the current system prevents children from getting the care they need. I am proud to found Emilio Health alongside Giovanni to design a whole new behavioral health experience that provides children and families with what they need and deserve,” said Emilio Health co-founder and CEO, Naomi Allen.

“The current system of care for behavioral health is deeply fragmented, with limited access, inconsistent quality, and insufficient coordination resulting in poor outcomes and high costs. By wrapping live clinical support with a digital experience, Emilio Health is reconstructing this broken system,” said Annie Lamont, co-founder and managing partner at Oak HC/FT. “We are honored to back two proven entrepreneurs, Naomi and Giovanni, as well as the exceptional Emilio Health team as they tackle this important issue.”

Emilio Health’s care continuum takes the friction out of the behavioral health experience for children and their caregivers by combining a truly child-centered clinic environment and a digital platform for scheduling, tracking progress, and tele-therapy. The company’s uniquely integrated collaboration model supports a child’s behavioral health and adjacent needs while keeping the entire care ecosystem, including therapists, physicians, families, and schools, informed.

“We are thrilled to launch Emilio Health named after my father, Emilio, who suffered from mental illness his whole life,” said Giovanni Colella, Emilio Health co-founder and executive chairman. “We envision a world where all children and families can get affordable, quality-based interventions both in person in convenient locations as well as using our digital platform.”

“Behavioral health is one of the most daunting and costly societal and economic problems in the United States, with twenty percent of all children having a diagnosable behavioral health issue but only twenty percent of those children receiving treatment,” said Oak HC/FT principal Billy Deitch. “Emilio Health has built a scalable engine to radically improve care delivery and redefine the experience for children and families. We are proud to help them make an impact.”

About Emilio Health

Founded in 2019, Emilio Health is the first technology-enabled behavioral health home for children and families. Emilio Health delivers multi-disciplinary clinics and a collaborative care team focused on supporting children throughout their ages and developmental stages. The Emilio Health model combines in-person clinics and a coach-enabled technology platform to support families with an entirely new pediatric behavioral health experience. Emilio Health is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Follow Emilio Health on LinkedIn and Medium, and subscribe to our newsletter at www.emiliohealth.com.

About Oak HC/FT

Founded in 2014, Oak HC/FT is the premier venture growth-equity fund investing in Healthcare Information & Services ("HC") and Financial Services Technology ("FT"). With $1.9 billion in assets under management, we are focused on driving transformation in these industries by providing entrepreneurs and companies with strategic counsel, board-level participation, business plan execution and access to our extensive network of industry leaders. Oak HC/FT is headquartered in Greenwich, CT, with offices in Boston and San Francisco. Follow Oak HC/FT on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.