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We work with founders driving structural change in two complex systems: healthcare and financial services. With unparalleled networks and decades of sector experience, we have become one of the best-performing growth equity firms in the world.

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Through decades of investing, we've learned that the moments of great success only come after years of quiet conversations.

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Maven Clinic

Oak is my first call when I want thoughtful advice. They believe in long-term, deep relationships. They genuinely care about the people they work with and the problems they're trying to solve. Over a decade, I‘ve worked with Oak on three companies. I hope to work with them for the rest of my career.

Puneet Singh
CEO, CareBridge

Oak is a full-stack investor. They have been with us from our early days all the way through breaking out past our growth stage. What's unique is that they've been useful at every stage, because they know our space so well. They’ve shown up when we needed them. Not many investors can do that - they’ve always been there for me. Truly real partners the whole time.

Nuno Sebastião
Founder, Feedzai

To affect change in healthcare, you have to innovate from within, not try to blow it up from the outside. This is hard for some investors to appreciate, but the Oak team has always gotten it. From our earliest meetings, I knew that they deeply understood the problems we set out to solve in women's and family health, and what it would take to solve them. They have been critical partners as we've navigated the complexities of our system. Oak has genuinely contributed to our success.

Kate Ryder
Founder, Maven

Oak is a great fit for founders who understand complex systems and are serious about forcing impact. Because Oak knows these systems too, they're useful across stages. They do a lot of growth equity, but they've been an excellent early-stage partner for us from day one. The common theme is how much they know about the market (in our case – the customers, constraints, and valuable problems to solve in the fintech sector), and the depth of their networks in those ecosystems.

John Macilwaine
Founder, Highnote

I often say that Oak is the ideal investor: They are there when you need them and not when you don’t. The Oak team stands out with their genuine commitment to invest time in collaboratively addressing challenges.

Doug Williams
Founder, Rialtic

Oak is not just a partner. They're an extension of our team. They seamlessly integrate, stepping in when needed and giving space when necessary. Their true value lies in their deep understanding of our business and extensive knowledge of the markets. With functional expertise across talent acquisition, go-to-market, product development, and finance, they're a formidable ally. If I ever start another company, Oak will undoubtedly be my first call.

Rodger Desai
Founder, Prove
Maven Clinic

You have to know the system to change it

Healthcare and financial services are entrenched but not immovable markets. Here's how we spot businesses that drive structural change.