Oak HC/FT Closes Fifth Fund at $1.94 Billion: Continuing our Legacy While Investing in The Future

July 13, 2022

We are living in an ever-evolving environment with volatile markets, geopolitical developments, and persistent, accelerated change. During all of this, Oak HC/FT has worked hard to maintain our position as the proven partner for entrepreneurs scaling businesses that are driving the transformation of the U.S. Healthcare system and international FinTech sector. Our strategy and mission to drive positive, impactful change remain constant as we announce the closing of our $1.94 billion Fund V.

The capital will fuel innovation and reinvention, and at the heart of our approach is forming deep partnerships with visionary founders. By providing entrepreneurs with the best financial, intellectual and talent resources, we drive their success and impact on society, producing dividends that are more than just monetary. Our portfolio of innovative companies is doing everything from increasing access to quality Healthcare at lower costs to democratizing financial services.

With our fifth fund, we’ll double down on important trends in Healthcare and FinTech like the need for automation, increasing accessibility to the modern-day provider model, and leaning into value-based care to shift the healthcare paradigm. We’re focused on the rise of ecommerce enablement, the need for identity protection, and empowering more people with better financial services.

We sincerely thank our limited partners who have overcome their own challenges this past year. We know that our LPs and entrepreneurs have a choice, and we are both proud and appreciative that they intentionally choose us time and time again.

Limitless opportunities exist in Healthcare and FinTech, and we are looking forward to putting Fund V to work. With innovation comes new challenges, and Oak HC/FT is here to solve them.