Maddie Hilal

Senior Associate
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Maddie Hilal, a Senior Associate at Oak HC/FT, joined the firm in 2021 and focuses on growth equity and early-stage venture opportunities in healthcare.‍

Prior to joining Oak HC/FT, Maddie was an Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs where she focused on Healthcare M&A.‍

Maddie graduated summa cum laude from Duke University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Active Investments
  • Carebridge
  • Galileo
  • Infusion for Health
  • Main Street
  • Osso
Prior Investments

I grew up in a family woven into the fabric of healthcare. My grandfather directed Columbia’s division of radiology and pioneered brain imaging technology before losing a battle to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My mother prevailed against a rare neurological condition in her college years, and subsequently earned her doctorate in neurobiology. My father blends his medical and business expertise to invest in next-generation biotechnology companies. I grew up learning the inner workings of our healthcare ecosystem firsthand – and I knew I had to be a part of improving it.

I'm also the oldest of five kids by a wide age gap - my four siblings are 6 to 13 years younger than I am. That age gap has given me a lot of practice at showing up when it counts - for multiple people, in different chapters of life, in the way they need (a tutor, a coach, a mentor, a friend) - all at the same time. I strive to perform the same role with founders across our portfolio, partnering with them wherever they are in their journey to help solve the complex challenges that come with scaling healthcare companies. This comes in a variety of flavors: KPI tracking, financial deep dives, honing unit economics, or supporting M&A engines, to name a few. Our founders are tackling the hardest problems in the huge, complicated, and often frustrating world of healthcare – and our goal as investors is to help make this journey successful.

On healthcare

An aging population, persistent chronic conditions, administrative inefficiencies, and a decreasing supply of our healthcare workforce are all driving more complexity and cost in the healthcare ecosystem. This dynamic system is facing immense pressure, but also presenting enormous and unprecedented opportunity. Traditional care models need to be reinvented to keep pace with our ever-evolving needs - and we're excited to partner with founders driving this transformation.

The system is poised for remarkable change in the coming decade. Generative AI presents promising new tools to unlock value across the industry, whether it's processing claims more efficiently, streamlining provider workflows, or revolutionizing drug discovery and development for pharma. The opportunity is vast and the most successful founders will embrace this with open arms.

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