Reilly Heine

Director, Platform
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Reilly Heine, Director of Platform, joined the firm in 2022 and works closely with our portfolio companies on a broad range of talent, HR, and operational initiatives.

Prior to joining Oak HC/FT, Reilly was a Partner at High Slope, a boutique executive search firm advising founders at high-growth software technology companies on talent. Before that, she was Head of People at Kaia Health Software, a digital therapeutics startup based in Brooklyn and Munich. She started her talent and HR career at Bridgewater Associates.

Reilly received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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I love helping executives be human leaders. I have always had a high level of empathy, and I use that to push leaders to understand the experiences of those who are executing on their vision. What I love most is coaching leaders to open up, connect, trust, and delegate to their team, so that those who are building can share the leader’s passion for what is being built.

I joined Oak shortly after having my second daughter. As most parents likely understand, time spent away from those tiny humans better be time well spent. Oak takes great care to work with entrepreneurs who increase access, efficiency, and affordability - touching countless lives as a result. I am proud to contribute to this work, especially alongside such an exceptional team. I feel immensely grateful to augment my life with work that is fulfilling and impactful.

On talent

CEOs gain huge leverage from a people team that builds efficient and equitable hiring processes. Just as important is culture fit. In the long run, the person who has a learning curve to climb but strongly aligns with your mission and values will be the best champion for your company.

Beyond hiring, the best CEOs know that they have to develop talent and keep employees engaged. These aren't buzzwords or OKR line items that you can check off with an annual pulse survey. These goals have to be baked into the daily operations of the company. The most effective people teams devote a ton of time to keeping talent engaged and incentivized, especially by providing opportunities and clear paths for growth.

Lastly, the smartest leaders actively seek feedback from both employees and advisors. Many claim to do this, but few actually do. Genuine humility and curiosity will unearth important risks before they become real problems.

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