Vig Chandramouli

Vig Chandramouli
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Healthcare Investor (Midas List)

Vig Chandramouli, a Partner at Oak HC/FT, joined the firm in 2014 and focuses on growth equity and early-stage venture opportunities in healthcare. Vig currently serves on the Board of Osso VR and Syllable and is a Board Observer at CareBridge, Main Street, Notable, Quartet, Regard, Reveleer, Trovo Health, Unite US, Veda, Vesta Healthcare, and VillageMD.

Prior to joining Oak HC/FT, Vig was an Associate with LLR Partners, a middle-market growth equity firm, where he focused on investments in healthcare services companies.

Vig has been named to the 2023 EVC List of emerging investors by the Emerging Venture Capitalists Association.

Vig received dual Bachelor of Science degrees, magna cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Active Investments
  • Carebridge
  • Main Street
  • Notable
  • Osso VR
  • Quartet
  • Reveleer
  • Syllable
  • Trovo Health
  • Unite Us
  • Veda Data
  • Vesta Healthcare
  • Village MD
  • Wayspring
Prior Investments
  • Aspire Health
  • Core Informatics
  • InterWell
  • LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services
  • Maestro Health
  • OncoHealth
  • Therapy Brands

Growing up in a small town in South India, I spent many days with my grandfather, a doctor who saw 40 - 50 patients a day in a small clinic the size of a studio apartment. His patients couldn’t afford hospital or specialty care, so they would come to him and he would provide care for whatever they could afford. He’s now well into his 90s and still runs a small pro bono clinic with lines that wrap around the block. Growing up with him instilled in me the importance of family medicine, timely care, and access for the underserved.

Twenty years later, my aunt lost a long fight with cancer. She had access to great care in Chicago, but a missed diagnosis and poor care coordination reduced her odds significantly. When she was finally diagnosed, she was living with a tumor the size of a football in her body. I know that many people without access to quality care face even harder scenarios. It doesn’t have to be that way. The entrepreneurs I find most inspiring are the ones who advocate for those who don’t have the voice to drive change by themselves.

On healthcare

Changing the status quo in healthcare takes time and patience. To break through the system's inertia, entrepreneurs need to focus on a specific problem (rather than a platform that tries to solve everything), define a clear ROI framework that can be measured within the first year of deployment, and then own the services required to deliver that ROI.

There are big pockets of white space in patient and provider experience. Despite advancements in digital health, the patient journey remains disjointed and episodic for most. Providers, on the other hand, are being asked to do more administrative tasks (particularly with value-based care contracts), while seeing more patients, because we have a shortage of clinical supply. Tools like AI can make a difference, but we have to be thoughtful and responsible in designing solutions that do not cause patient harm. The companies with the greatest impact will help providers practice at the top of their license and help patients receive the right care at the right time.

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